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Import of live animals

Importation of pets must comply with the MAST import conditions. Importers must apply for an import permit to MAST and the pets must fulfill health requirements (vaccinations and testing) in addition to staying in quarantine for 2 weeks upon arrival. Please refer to the below instruction guides to help you understand the requirements relating to the different categories of approved countries. Dogs and cats can only be imported to Iceland from approved exporting countries. 

  • Due to the Covid pandemic there have been significant disruptions of dog and cat imports since March 2020. As imported pets are quarantined simultaneously in groups for 14 days the quarantine admission days are predetermined. Usually there are three admission days (Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays) every three weeks at each station.

    But due to the extensive flight disruption, it has been very difficult for importers to stick to their predetermined import dates and many have had to cancel or postpone their planned importation. However some pets have been imported up to three days before and one-two days after the predetermined import dates. When this happens, the quarantine period for the whole group of pets that are quarantined together must be prolonged until all of the pets have been quarantined for 14 days.

    MAST has worked closely with both quarantine stations to facilitate the importation of as many pets as possible during this period. It can be expected that flight disruption continues to have an impact on pet import to Iceland, possibly throughout 2020.

    However, it should be noted that the current pandemic does not change the need for cats and dogs to meet the import requirements in full. Importers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with import conditions and to start import preparations well in advance.

Instructions for importing dogs and cats to Iceland

Certificate of health and origin for import of dogs and cats

List of EU approved laboratories for rabies antibody titre test for dogs and cats (In EU and non-EU countries)

Import permit applications

Instructions and Certificates for pets other than dogs and cats

For enquiries regarding importation of pets; tel: +354 530 4800 / e-mail:

Approved quarantine stations for dogs and cats in Iceland

Einangrunarstöðin í Reykjanesbæ Seljavogi 10, 233 Reykjanesbær - - +354 421 6949 / +354 893 6949

Mósel / Allir hundar ehf. Selás - 851 Hella - - Tel. no. +354 892 3457

Information regarding importation dates for dogs and cats are on the quaratine stations' websites. 

Updated 28.05.2020
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