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Animal health and welfare

The status of animal health in Iceland is superior to that in most other countries due mainly to its geographical isolation, very strict and long standing import control legislation on live animals and animal products, and a rigorous, centuries-old policy of stamping out animal diseases.

The Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority’s objective is to fight infectious diseases in animals, prevent the introduction of foreign infectious agents, eradicate endemic diseases, control the transmission of infectious agents between animals and man, and improve the general health and welfare of animals.

The Authority’s functions include:

Animal health  

  • Surveillance, contingency plans and preventive measures against animal diseases 
  • Control of imports and exports of animals and animal products 
  • Supervision of veterinary practitioners, registration of animal diseases and control of the use of veterinary medicinal products 
  • Reports on the status of animal diseases in Iceland 

Animal welfare 

  • Inspection of animal housing and conditions 
  • Intervention in response to reports of animal abuse 

Veterinary legislation 

  • Legal work pertaining to legislation on animal health and welfare

English translation of selected legislation pertaining to animal health and welfare is accessible below:

Updated 10.10.2019
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