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Export of animal products

It is important for travellers to familiarise themselves with the rules on personal imports of food products before travelling to other countries or sending packages to friends and family. Food products may be confiscated at custom inspections. Such measures and restrictions on import of food products are established to protect animal and plant health.

Personal imports in personal luggage or by post to EU/EEA countries

Products of animal origin, composite products and other products derived from animal by-products from Iceland can be brought to EU/EEA countries for personal consumption

Personal imports to USA

Travellers may bring up to 50 pounds (22.68 kg) of certain animal products to USA from Iceland in their luggage. The products need official documentation to prove the product's country of origin (official package label can be considered official documentation). Travelers are required to declare the agricultural products they may carry to the customs authorities. Further information:

Personal imports to other countries

Travelers should familiarise themselves with each country's rules on personal imports of animal products. These rules are generally made available on the internet by the relevant authority in each country, for example:

Updated 09.01.2020
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