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Food safety

The Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority’s objective is to promote the safety and quality of food from farm to fork and to get food sector operators to shoulder responsibility for their products, bearing consumer protection in mind.

The Authority, in conjunction with the Ministry of Industries and Innovation, develops new legislation for the entire food chain. It is responsible for the food safety control of the primary production of animal products in slaughterhouses and meat processing plants within slaughterhouses, control of fishery products and control of food import and export. The Authority supervises food control of Local Health Committees responsible for surveillance of foodstuff production and distribution within their respective regions. 

The Authority’s functions include: 

Fish and fish products 

  • Issue of licences 
  • Surveillance of fish processing 

Agricultural products

  • Issue of slaughter and meat processing licences 
  • Meat inspection (ante- and post-mortem) and slaughter hygiene 
  • Inspection of meat- and milk-producing farms 
  • Audits of dairy units 
  • Monitoring and control of disease-causing microorganisms, contaminants and residues 

Other food products 

  • Supervision of municipal food inspection authorities 
  • Interpretation and information on food legislation for food sector operators and consumers 
  • Publication of education material on food 
  • Control of food imports and exports 

Food legislation 

  • Legal work pertaining to veterinary legislation on food safety and general food legislation 
Updated 10.10.2019
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