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Food products

Personal import by post of meat and dairy products from third countries (non-EU/EEA countries) is prohibited, with certain exceptions.

In order to import certain food products from third countries (non-EU/EEA countries) legally to Iceland, requirements and conditions have to be met:

Food supplements

Food supplements can contain dangerous chemicals. Consumers need to be alert when buying food supplements, especially on the internet. 

Illegal and potentially harmful food supplements are discovered regularly, especially online. The buyer can be led to believe an ingredient has a health benefit or an illegal ingredient is added to the supplement without the knowledge of the buyer and not in the list of ingredients to boost its effect.   

Do not purchase food supplements that contain the following chemicals:

  • Nootropics such as Tianeptine, Phenyl-Piracetam, Phenibut, Adrafinil, Piracetam, Oxiracetam and Vinpocetine
    These are sold as cognitive enhancers „smart supplements“ or even „smart drugs“ and can be wither synthetic or natural. They are marketed as memory, creativity, concentration or motivational enhancers. However, there is little scientific data to support such claims. Many nootropics are psychoanaleptics, used as stimulants for treating ADHD or as antidepressants. Consumption of nootropics can be harmful or even fatal. One death has been associated with Tianeptine intake in Iceland. 
  • DNP or Dinitrophenol
    Dinitrophenol (DNP) is used in industry but is illegally sold as a fat burner. It causes energy in cells to dissipate as heat leading to weight loss. There is no safe level of intake as individual responses vary greatly. Initial signs of toxicity are sweat, muscle pain, increased heart rate and body temperature, and difficulty breathing. Several fatalities have been associated with DNP intake in neighboring countries. 

Food supplements should only be purchased from reliable sources. 

Food supplements should never be used to replace a balanced, healthy diet. 

Updated 09.01.2020
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